2nd September – Open Advanced (‘A Class’) tournament

If this were a tabloid newspaper it would fill the front page with a huge banner headline.

Winner – James Galpin

Marcus’ report should be on the CA website, but here is Kathy’s, which is also on our Facebook page.

It was a wonderful day at the Club on Sunday – the one-day Open Advanced Tournament. When James beat Marcus in the morning, it was bit of a surprise. He then beat Kriss in the afternoon and we started to sit up and take notice. The scene was set for a Final between James and Mark Suter. This season, Mark has usually had David Maugham to face in tournament finals. Mark was fresh from his morning sextuple which included a straight quad so surely he would win? James got off to a cracking start by shooting and hitting one of the oppo balls on the east boundary. As Mark had generously (!) put James’s partner ball in the middle of the lawn, it was school boy stuff to get round to 4 back with a decent leave. Mark missed the lift shot but eventually got a chance. He was laying up for a sextuple leave but wasn’t happy with the wiring at hoop 1 so carried on to 4 back. Naturally, James hit the lift shot, just like he had hit everything else all day. By then his first ball was on peg by virtue of the fact that it had run penult and rover in the same shot (it had taken some wire and curled round the peg). So, again, it was school boy stuff to finish, although James did admit to having been nervous!
James thanked Marcus for managing the event and also thanked Peter Dyke for teaching him to play. Peter quietly commented that he had also taught all of Mark, Kriss and Marcus to play – all started at Nailsea aged between 11 and 13. The photo was taken at Peter’s request. He and Nailsea Croquet Club are all very proud of four of Croquet’s finest young men