North boundary changes, lawns 3 & 4

15th October 2018

When you next visit the club you will see that the North boundary of lawns 3 & 4 has moved South by 3 yards. I have placed a few pegs in the ground to highlight the area affected. The area North of the new white lines  is closed for the winter to allow new seed to germinate and grow. This arrangement will have a minor impact on Croquet games but avoids the need for lawn closure.

The area will not be mowed for the time being and leaf clearance will be restricted to leaf blowing rather than raking or use of the Countax.  Balls will occasionally enter this area but please try to minimise walking on the seed or new grass when it develops.

It is important that by the spring of next year we have reasonable grass coverage everywhere as the Toro mower blades are rapidly blunted by sand pick up. Improved grass coverage might also improve the Croquet experience!