Trying & Buying A Mallet

The club has an abundance of mallets for beginners to play with but as you progress,you will probably want your own personal mallet. From a cost and suitability viewpoint, it’s probably best to try to buy a second hand mallet before making the decision to buy your own brand new mallet. Try to find a member of the club, or perhaps another local club, who has recently upgraded to a new mallet and is looking to off load his or her “old” mallet. Most people will allow you the use of the mallet for a period to see if you get along with it before deciding, to make the purchase.

It may suit you to stay with the second hand mallet but should you decide to buy new, listed below are a number of outlets where a new mallet can be purchased.

The first of the links is the Croquet Association’s online shop where there is a vast amount of helpful information on mallets along with prices, etc. Click on the link below.