The 100 club

The 100 club is a licenced lottery which gives the participating members a chance to win prizes ranging from £10 to £25 in each of the four draws each year.  It also raises funds for the club.  The regulations require at least 55% of the income to be distributed in prizes.  Each member can buy either one or two entries to the club at a cost of £12 per entry, or unit.  The money raised by the 100 club is spent on something useful, but perhaps not essential to the croquet club chosen by the 100 club members.  In the past the 100 club has bought new club mallets, new sets of balls, new flooring for the kitchen, the clock on the outside of the pavilion and the electric hand dryer in the ladies toilet.

Generally units have to be bought before the first draw in March, but new members, having joined after taking beginners’ lessons, can join before the third draw, at half price.

Application forms to join the 100 club can be found on this site under Downloadable forms.