The committee and other organisers

The committee elected or co-opted in November 2018 consists of:

Chairman – Graham McCausland
Secretary – Meriel Forshaw
Treasurer – Mike Tracy
League Secretary – Peter Dyke
Property Manager – Brian Roynon
Competition Secretary – Linda Shaw
Membership Secretary – Andrew Wimshurst
Coral Harrison – general
Note that members are elected specifically to the first three posts.  The other members of the committee carry out their functions as they suit their talents and not because the constitution requires those jobs to be carried out by committee members.

Other people give valued help to the club by organising the following areas of work.

John Wallace – lawns maintenance
Jim Gregory – white lining
David Hunt – hoop setting
Kathy Wallace – CA liaison and tournament secretary
Mike Tracy and others – Club web site
Violet Delmas – cakes
Coral Harrison – 100 club organiser
Peter Dyke- Mad Monday
Brigit Clayton and Violet Delmas – Wild Wednesday
Kathy Wallace and Erica Malaiperuman – Recruitment
 Linda Shaw, Erica Malaiperuman, Kathy Wallace – Coaching of beginners
Archives and Trophy Secretary – Brigit Clayton

Please step in and give a little of your time when any of these people ask for volunteers!

In addition, the following positions are held:

AC Handicap Committee: Peter Dyke, Pat Long, Jim Gregory
GC Handicap Committee: Peter Dyke, Jim Gregory Ryan Cabble.

President: Geoff Hughes

Trustees: Richard Delmas, Graham McCausland, David Hunt