The committee and other organisers

The committee elected or co-opted in November 2018 consists of:

Chairman – Graham McCausland
Secretary – Erica Malaiperuman
Treasurer – David Hunt
League Secretary – Peter Dyke
Property Manager – Brian Roynon
Membership Secretary – Andrew Wimshurst
Committee member – Sandra Morgan

Other people give valued help to the club by organising the following areas of work.

John Wallace – lawns maintenance
Tony Dowman – white lining
David Hunt – hoop setting
Kathy Wallace – CA liaison, Tournament and Competition Secretary
Mike Tracy and others – Club web site
Violet Delmas – cakes
Brenda Roynon – 100 club organiser
Brigit Clayton and Violet Delmas – Wild Wednesday
Kathy Wallace and Erica Malaiperuman – Recruitment
 Linda Shaw, Erica Malaiperuman, Kathy Wallace, Andrew Wimshurst – Coaching of beginners
Archives and Trophy Secretary – Brigit Clayton
Pat Long – social events and tuck shop

Please step in and give a little of your time when any of these people ask for volunteers!

In addition, the following positions are held:

AC Handicap Committee: Peter Dyke, Pat Long, Erica Malaiperuman, David Hunt, Jim Gregory.
GC Handicap Committee: Peter Dyke, Jim Gregory, Ryan Cabble, Brian Roynon.

President: Geoff Hughes

Trustees: Richard Delmas, Graham McCausland, David Hunt