Nailsea and District Croquet Club


We are now taking requests for beginners lessons in  2022.  A course of six wo-hour lessons costs £60.  Coaching is given to small groups with all equipment provided. The subscription rate for those joining the club is reduced by the £60 already paid for beginners’ lessons. Further coaching after joining the Club is free of charge. We have gift vouchers available if you would like to treat someone.

A new venture this year is “Youth Croquet” for youngsters aged about 10 through to 18. This is an exciting project with two young coaches who came through Nailsea’s  “junior”  section a few years ago and went on to play at high level nationally and Internationally. Just £25 will buy U25 Club membership for a few months and provide weekly Youth Croquet coaching sessions.

If you are interested in learning more,  email  or phone 07718 628287 or 01275 847902

 We enjoyed a much more normal season in 2021 although indoor activity was limited to use of basic facilities.  27 people had Beginners lessons and 18 of them went on to join the club. !2 of them took part in the Beginners Competitions in October. The others enjoyed playing social croquet. For established players, the Leagues were re-started and the usual four tournaments took place. We also hosted the GC Home Internationals on behalf of Wales and the Selectors Weekend on behalf of the CA. We have a full tournament and League schedule planned for 2022, as well as all the popular internal competitions.

Croquet is a sport that requires physical skill and also strategic ability. With the two main forms of croquet being played at Nailsea  (Association Croquet and Golf Croquet) there is something for everyone. Some members love to play in internal competitions, league matches and Tournaments; others prefer to just play friendly games on Club afternoon. Croquet can be played by people of all ages and we have a Youth section  with coaches with enhanced DBS checks in place. Membership for half the season with weekly coaching sessions is £25 for Youth players.

We are always keen to recruit new players. Croquet is a Covid-safe sport and is very appropriate in the present day. Get yourself fit again, both physically and mentally by taking on a brand new challenge. You might just be good enough to play at National level. Nailsea has a strong tradition of producing elite players who go on to represent their club and country and to take part in World Championships.