Nailsea and District Croquet Club

Golf Croquet Home Internationals 17/18 July 2021

Like Euro 2020 this event has been delayed for a year but we are very proud to be finally hosting it on behalf of Wales. Teams from England, Scotland and Wales will be competing and James Galpin, a Nailsea player, will be representing England. Spectators are welcome but are asked to park on Trendlewood Way as the Club car park will be reserved for the players. Play will start at 9.30 each day and continue until early evening.

The Club opened for the season on 3 April and we are enjoying a much more normal season in 2021. 27 people have had lessons so far and we have the usual four tournaments planned.

Croquet is a sport that requires physical skill and also strategic ability. With the two main forms of croquet being played at Nailsea  (Association Croquet and Golf Croquet) there is something for everyone. Some members love to play in internal competitions, league matches and Tournaments; others prefer to just play friendly games on Club afternoon.

Croquet can be played by people of all ages and we have a Junior section.  Coaching is given to small groups with all equipment provided. A charge of £30 is made for six lessons of around 2 hours. Please contact us if you are interested in a course of lessons. We also sell vouchers for sets of lessons – for that friend or relative who is difficult to find presents for. Use the contact form on the website, email  or phone 07718 628287

In 2021 we have been particularly keen to recruit new players. Croquet is a Covid-safe sport and is very appropriate in this first season after the horrors of 2020. Get yourself fit again, both physically and mentally by taking on a brand new challenge. You might just be good enough to play at National level. Nailsea has a strong tradition of producing elite players who go on to represent their club and country and to take part in World Championships.