Federation league v Kingston Maurward

SWF Central League Match v Kingsgton Maurward. 12.5.18

The Nailsea Federation Central Team enjoyed their first match of the season coming away with a hard fought 3:2 away victory over Kingston Maurward.

In his first full game of AC this year, National Junior Champion, James Galpin, won his first game +24 within two hours. His play was admired by the home and away teams alike.

Meanwhile the doubles game, Nailsea’s Linda Shaw and Brian Roynon against Jonathan Powe and Kath Burt, was proceeding at a slower pace. Brian got the pair off to a good start getting to 4 back leaving the majority of bisques to Linda – who managed to use them to the worst possible advantage.

Kath Burt also got around to 4 back, leaving the way clear for her partner Jonathon to win for the side executing a triple peel in the process.

Not only that, Jonathan was concurrently playing his singles game against James!

James continued his excellent play going around to peg with his first ball. Jonathan hit in, went around to peg and pegged out James’ first ball. Hardly phased at all by this, James used two bisques to set up a 3 ball break which he completed faultlessly, winning the game +14.

The remaining singles games were less spectacular although the golden hoop ending to Brian and Tim’s game provided a good degree of tension and frustration for the players with Tim holding out for a +1t victory.

Kath and Linda were playing cat and mouse with each making their fair share of good and bad shots. Linda slowly pulled ahead winning +16 in the final turn.



KM player Hcap Points N Player Hcap Points Result
Jonathan Powe

Kath Burt



26 Linda Shaw

Brian Roynon



15 -11 tp(JP)
Tim Dennis 3.5 2 James Galpin 7 26 +24
Tim Dennis 3.5 20 Brian Roynon 11 19 -1t
Jonathan Powe -2 12 James Galpin 7 26 +14
Kath Burt 8 10 Linda Shaw 11 26 +16


AC Federation League

Nailsea’s team in the South division of the Federation league played its opening match against Exeter on 28th April.

The team won 4 – 3 with singles wins for Jim Gregory (2 wins) and Andrew Wimshurst and a doubles win for Andrew and Brigit Clayton.

Andrew reports being a little embarrassed by defeating his brother 26 – 1, his brother’s handicap being in decline due to increasing difficulty in gripping the mallet and consequently finding firm strokes very painful.