Intermediate League North

18th May 2019

On Saturday 18th May Nailsea Intermediate Team (North) travelled to Kington Langley in antisipation of seeing and playing on their new lawns. These proved to be a big improvement on the previous ones. In the morning Jon Knowler and Karen Cromey played the singles games with Karen winning convincingly 26-7 and Jon loosing 15-26 to a worthy opponent. In the doubles Brian Roynon and Mike Tracy won 25-18 with Brian managing an 11 hoop break. After lunch Karen won 26-6, Jon won 23-18, Mike fought valiant but lost to his on form opponent 8-26
and Brian won 20-19 taking a winning hoop in his last turn on the lawn.

This gave the Nailsea team a 5-2 win over the day.

Intermediate League North

On Friday 3rd May Nailsea Intermediate first match of the season at home to Weston-super-Mare. The morning saw Peter Longden win by 2 points, 12-10, while Linda Shaw and Brian Roynon lost by 2 points, 12-14, in the last minutes of the doubles game.
The afternoon saw 3 close fought singles games with Peter won again 26 -13, Brian won 26-14, but Linda lost 13-19.

This gave Nailsea a 3-2 win over the day.

Federation league south

25th April 2019

Our club sent four players to Sidmouth for its first outing. The croquet club is in a beautiful location on the seafront, however the weather in the morning was horrendous with strong winds and driving rain. Brian Roynon and Libby Howard-Blood played the morning double match and won impressively. Tony Hinchliffe and Terry Young played strong players and both lost by a small margin.

In the afternoon the sun came out and Brian , Libby and Tony had impressive wins, all pegging out. Terry Young struggled against a very experienced player and lost by 5 hoops.

Overall Nailsea won 4 – 3, the first win of the season

Advanced play, division 1

7th April 2019

Our team in this top rank division opened its account with a home match against East Dorset at home. Two of the three regular members were unavailable and so Kris Chambers as acting captain led a team with two substitutes from division 2 , Pat Long and Geoff Hughes, drafted in. Geoff and Pat won their doubles game and so contributed to a fine 3 2 win.