Club House in use

The club house will be in use on two Saturdays in March as shown below.

The club house will still be open to members who are playing – so don’t get cold hungry or thirsty.  Come in by all means but please don’t be offended if the meetings get on with their business – they won’t be being rude: just focused.

2nd March for the second day of the Coaches Training Course – 1 lawn has also been booked for this as we’ll be doing our practical demonstrations.

23rd March when the South West Federation will be holding its committee meeting.

Lawns open again

Lawns 1, 3 and 4 are now open again. You will see that next to the hoop holes are “filled-in” holes where the summer hoops will be located. Please try to avoid disturbing these areas when playing.

Hoops 2,3 and 6 on Lawn 3 also have areas next to the current hoop positions where squirrel damage occurred. These have also been repaired and re-seeded and should be avoided wherever possible. The mesh covering the hoop holes has now been removed as the risk of further squirrel damage is minimal at this time of year.

Lawn 2 remains closed until the start of the summer season in April. The strip on the North boundary is also closed until April. The shortened North boundary line will be left to fade so that at the start of the new season the correct North boundary will be obvious.


Lawn closures 9th February 2019

Following the snow and much rain the lawns have become waterlogged.  The lawns are therefore closed until Friday 15th February.  They may then be reopened if the conditions have improved.

Note that this means there will be no club afternoon on Monday 11th or Wednesday 13th.

The need for this is regretted, but playing on the lawns until they have dried out significantly would without doubt cause damage.

Lawns closures

Lawn work scheduled for Thursday & Friday (31st January, 1st February) has had to be postponed because of frost – they are therefore not fit for play!

This work is now planned for 2nd & 3rd February (Saturday & Sunday), so no play will be possible then.

31.1.19 Wednesday Club Afternoons

From Wednesday 6th February Wednesday Club afternoons will start at  1.00pm – this is to allow time for the lawns to defrost / dry!

Lawns closure Thursday 25th October

From John Wallace:

The lawns will be closed on Thursday morning for mowing, Sarel rolling and the application of granular fertiliser. They will be open after 1.0 pm but the balls will pick up the fertiliser so I would advise people to wait until Friday at the earliest before playing. 

Wash your hands after play for a week or so after Thursday.

North boundary changes, lawns 3 & 4

15th October 2018

When you next visit the club you will see that the North boundary of lawns 3 & 4 has moved South by 3 yards. I have placed a few pegs in the ground to highlight the area affected. The area North of the new white lines  is closed for the winter to allow new seed to germinate and grow. This arrangement will have a minor impact on Croquet games but avoids the need for lawn closure.

The area will not be mowed for the time being and leaf clearance will be restricted to leaf blowing rather than raking or use of the Countax.  Balls will occasionally enter this area but please try to minimise walking on the seed or new grass when it develops.

It is important that by the spring of next year we have reasonable grass coverage everywhere as the Toro mower blades are rapidly blunted by sand pick up. Improved grass coverage might also improve the Croquet experience!

Semi Finals 21st 22nd September

Well what a day to start the semis – it sorts of fits the pattern for the year.
It was sunny but wet and windy as John, David, Tony H and Tony D cut the lawns, set the hoops and drew the white lines.
Looking out for rainbows into the grey from the relative comfort of the clubhouse, but not seeing any, the first pioneering alternate strokes players took to the lawn – there were even a couple of spectators, one of whom was Pat, laden with cakes to see us through the next few days.
As the Enginuity and Handicap Advanced started the sun came out to cheer us all up and the LAGS put the finishing touches to Lawn 2.
The alternate strokes was the first to finish – 6:4 to Brigit and Martin: not the highest score ever but a close game and everyone came off in a good frame of mind to a welcome cup of tea and a slice of cake – with Doreen H behind the kettle dispensing warmth and good cheer.
Rather a let-down when his opponent failed to turn up for the One Ball handicap game, so Rob goes straight through to the final.
Meanwhile Martin and Pete Longden were fighting it out in the 18 point against a background of increasingly grey and blustery skies.
The two Brians were battling things out slowly on Lawn 1 in the Enginuity while on the same lawn Erica waited patiently for Libby to work through her bisques in the Handicap Advanced.
The end of the day saw Brian Mc and Erica winners of their respective games.
Day two lunchtime saw a subdued and sodden group of people stoically playing. Earlier they had called upon John W to declare whether or not the lawns were playable. They were and James had beaten Tony H +20 while Robert had beaten Rob +21.
Brian R and Martin were slogging their way through the Open Handicap while Doreen, Sandra, Brenda and Polly found they had to play a tie breaker third game in the GC doubles – but not before they’d warmed up with a hot drink and a bite to eat. Victory to Doreen and Sandra with a third closely fought game. Martin beat Brian Roynon +15t dropping to 14 handicap in the process.
Robert and Terry decided to postpone their game until Monday morning – and who can blame them.
With hoop 1 on lawn 1 unplayable, Jim and James took residence on lawn two for the Advanced 1 Ball, and the Buchanan Cup contestants agreed to postpone their games for a couple of days.
A first game win to James, leisurely tea and cake for Jim and onto game two. Jim won
this +1 so another warming cup of tea before the deciding game which saw James win
with a convincing +2.
Meanwhile on lawn 4 … Martin and Peter L were slogging it out with fortitude in a 3 ½
hour marathon for remaining Over 50’s place. Each carried out some amazingly strong
croquet strokes particularly given the state of the lawns – every ball surrounded by a
flume of spray as it sped across the lawn. In the end – a cold wet end by the sound of it –
Martin won +3t.
We may be singing in the rain but we certainly weren’t playing croquet on Sunday
morning. The lawns were unplayable so we chatted, watched the rain, watched the rain
stop, watched it start again.
Some games were re-scheduled and the first game began at 12.30 on lawn 2 – the first to
clear, with James and Brian Mc and the Advanced 1 Ball which James won in two games.
The second heat of the alternate strokes saw Brian R and Sandra defeat Doreen and
Sandra – so let’s see what happens in the third heat – hopefully we’ll have a winner.
The GC doubles gave victory in two games to Peter D and Mike P over David Hogg and
Linda but it’s a tough world and as Mike is on holiday over Finals weekend it will be David
and Linda against Doreen and Sandra.
Another couple of quick wins with Peter beating Brian Mc in 2 games with the 1 Ball
Advanced and James beat Brenda in 2 games in the Sergeant Cup.
So that was the end of the weekend – quite a few games left to play thanks to the
Geoff and Peter Dyke had an eventful short croquet game which Geoff started well but
had problems finishing his second peel. This left Peter free to take his first ball to peg.
Geoff continued to have peeling problems and Peter eventually got going with his second
ball but, with time running out, broke down after running hoop five. Geoff pegged out
Peter’s forward ball but ran hoop 6 not having done his second peel.and in his next turn
the timer went before he ran 4 and 5 with his pink ball. He then ran hoop 6 without
having done his second peel which isn’t valid, so Peter had his final turn when he pegged
out his second ball.
The full results are as follows:
Game                                             Player                           Player                                   Finalist
Short 1                                           Peter Dyke                  Geoff Hughes                      Peter +3
Short 2                                           Brian Roynon             Brigit Clayton                       Brigit
1 ball handicap 1                         Terry                            Mike T                                    Mike 2:1
1 Ball handicap 2                         Jim                                Rob                                        Rob Royffe
1 ball advanced 1                        James                            Jim                                         James
1 ball advanced 2                        Peter D                         Brian Mc                               Peter Dyke
GC Singles handicap 1                James                           Brian Mc                                James
GC Doubles Handicap 1             Brenda / Polly             Doreen /Sandra                   Doreen & Sandra
GC Doubles handicap 2              Peter / Mike                Linda / David                         Peter & Mike
Buchanan Cup 1                          Brenda / Brian            Graham / Pat                         Pat & Graham
Buchanan Cup 2                          Linda / David               Alan / Lynda                          Linda & David
Sergeant Cup 1                            James                            Brenda                                   James
Sergeant Cup 2                           Andrew Wimshurst      Mike Powell                          Andrew
Alternate strokes 1                     Rob / Doreen                Brian R / Sandra                  Brian & Sandra
Alternate strokes 2                     Brigit / Martin               Rob / Doreen                       Brigit & Martin
Alternate strokes 3                     Brigit / Martin               Brian R / Sandra                  Brian & Sandra
18 point     1                                 Peter Longden             Martin Kerly                          Martin
18 point 2                                     Mike Tracy                    Rob Royffe                            Rob
Handicap Advanced 1                EricaMalaiperuman     Libby Howard-Blood          Erica
Handicap Advanced 2               Terry Young                   Robert Upton                      Terry Young
B Class Advanced                       Straight to final
Over 50s AC 1                             Robert Upton                Rob Royffe                            Robert
Over 50s AC 2                             Peter Longden              Martin Kerly                          Martin
AC open handicap singles 1     Martin Kerly                  Brian Roynon                        Martin
AC open handicap singles 2     James Galpin                 Tony Hinchliffe                     James
Enginuity 1                                  Brian McCausland        Brian Roynon                       Brian Mc
Enginuity 2                                  Robert Upton                Andrew Wimshurst             Andrew
Open Advanced AC                   Straight to finals

2nd September – Open Advanced (‘A Class’) tournament

If this were a tabloid newspaper it would fill the front page with a huge banner headline.

Winner – James Galpin

Marcus’ report should be on the CA website, but here is Kathy’s, which is also on our Facebook page.

It was a wonderful day at the Club on Sunday – the one-day Open Advanced Tournament. When James beat Marcus in the morning, it was bit of a surprise. He then beat Kriss in the afternoon and we started to sit up and take notice. The scene was set for a Final between James and Mark Suter. This season, Mark has usually had David Maugham to face in tournament finals. Mark was fresh from his morning sextuple which included a straight quad so surely he would win? James got off to a cracking start by shooting and hitting one of the oppo balls on the east boundary. As Mark had generously (!) put James’s partner ball in the middle of the lawn, it was school boy stuff to get round to 4 back with a decent leave. Mark missed the lift shot but eventually got a chance. He was laying up for a sextuple leave but wasn’t happy with the wiring at hoop 1 so carried on to 4 back. Naturally, James hit the lift shot, just like he had hit everything else all day. By then his first ball was on peg by virtue of the fact that it had run penult and rover in the same shot (it had taken some wire and curled round the peg). So, again, it was school boy stuff to finish, although James did admit to having been nervous!
James thanked Marcus for managing the event and also thanked Peter Dyke for teaching him to play. Peter quietly commented that he had also taught all of Mark, Kriss and Marcus to play – all started at Nailsea aged between 11 and 13. The photo was taken at Peter’s request. He and Nailsea Croquet Club are all very proud of four of Croquet’s finest young men

B Class tournament 21st 22nd July 2018

A full entry of 16 players assembled ro contest the Margaret Fleming Shield on a sunny Saturday morning.  The competition is for players with handicaps in the range of 1 to 8.  6 came from the home club, the rest from as far afield as Devon, Buckinghamshire, Sussex and the midlands.

The condition of the lawns had been a subject of concern as they had been stripped, levelled with a laser guided grader and reseeded in September.  The weather that followed could not have been worse, resulting in about one third of the area being under water from October until February.  After a brief respite in the rain more seed was sown in February and then we had snow, frost, more rain and then more snow.  Then came the summer!  Despite all this we managed to produce a good enough surface to play competitive croquet.  Several players proved the point by completing their games inside the time limit.

The field was divided into 4 blocks of 4 players and on Saturday everyone played a 3 hour game against each of the other players in their block.  This determined the pairings for the knockout stage on Sunday.  The four block winners were Paul Castell (West Sussex), David Warhurst (High Wycombe), Wayne Wiseman (Bristol and James Galpin (Nailsea), so this quartet went into the semi finals on Sunday morning. Second, third and fourth places in the blocks competed the positions further down the field in a similar manner.

The two finalists were David Warhurst and our own James Galpin.  James, the current national junior champion, was playing in his second senior event, the first being one month previously.  He had won that and his handicap was changed from 7 to 4, David’s being 1.  David had lost one game on his way to the final but James was undefeated, so we were looking forward to a fascinating final.  David’s form held, but James lost a little of his edge, and that was enough for David to win the final comfortably and take the Margaret Fleming Shield.  James’ performance throughout the event was good enough for him to earn a further handicap reduction to 3.5, and both players richly deserved the warm round of applause they received when the presentations were made.

Mike Tracy, tournament manager.

The finalists at the end of their game (David left, James right)

Federation Central result

12th May 2018

Our Federation league (central) team beat Kingston Maurward 3 – 2

Full match report from Linda in the AC league match reports section of the site.

SWF Short Croquet Teams

The weekend of 14th & 15th April saw the Short Croquet Teams Event take place at Camerton & Peasedown. This Event is normally one of our early season ‘Openers’ at NDCC but for this Spring, Camerton & Peasedown kindly offered to ‘host’ the Event on our behalf.
As you may be aware the popularity of Short Croquet is growing very firmly. We have hosted the Spring Teams Event for a few years now & more recently Budleigh Salterton has run an Autumn Event.
There is a new initiative by Brian Shorney to promote Short Croquet to High Bisquers and there are elements & similarities of both Croquet Codes which encourages new players from both A/C & G/C as well as being good fun for more established players.
Nailsea fielded three teams at this Event. Saturday 14th saw Nailsea Avening playing in Division 4, captained by Peter Dyke, ably supported by Brigit Clayton, Jim Gregory & the ever improving James Galpin. Avening put up a great performance, winning the Division & earning Promotion to Div’n 3.
Sunday 15th was the turn of Nailsea, playing in Division 1, captained by Brian Roynon with Jim Field, Libby Howard-Blood & Terry Young, the whole Team putting up a creditable performance.
They were also joined in Division 1 by Nailsea Trendlewood. This Team captained by Graham McCausland supported by Kathy Wallace, Geoff Hughes & Brian McCausland. Trendlewood played well to win the Division 1 plaque, in the words of John Grimshaw, “again”. Trendlewood have an enviable record of winning this Event a few times over recent seasons.
We look forward to hosting this Event on our new ‘Roehamptonesque’ Lawns in Spring of 2019.
Report kindly supplied by Brian McCausland.

Skittles evening Saturday 17th March

Our annual skittles evening will happen on Saturday 17th March.  The venue is Clarence House in Portishead.  A light supper will be provided and Brenda and Brian Roynon will be organising. Cost is £10 per head.  Please contact them to book you place if you have not already done so.

Pat’s social event – Wednesday 7th March

Pat Long is arranging a sociable get-together on Wednesday 7th March at the club.

She will start serving a variety of soups and breads at 12:30 followed by a selection of deserts.  This will be followed by a beetle drive – remember them! The cost is £6 per head and please let Pat know by Sunday 4th if you are coming.

Social event Monday 8th January

Coral is hosting a Pasta and Pud buffet lunch at her home on Monday 8th January – glass of wine or a soft drink included.  There will be a charge of £7.50 per head which will contribute to club funds.  She can accommodate 18 people, so please let her know ASAP if you would like to go.

New edition of the Cygnet

December saw the publication of the latest edition of the SWF newsletter, Cygnet.  Plenty of interest there – please go to the SWF website to see it – there is a link on our Home Page.

Golf Croquet Singles competition

Saturday 5th August 2017

gc singles

Club Short Croquet results

The club Short Croquet competition was held on Sunday 30th May – here are the results:

Short Croquet 30.4.17


This Bank Holiday weekend competition saw a great entry of 16 players with a range of handicaps, demonstrating what a great competition this is for testing out our skills and tactics.

The weather was reasonable (for a Bank Holiday) and the tiny spots of rain weren’t enough to deter us stalwarts – and certainly not the semi-finalists who played their games at the end of the day leaving us to look forward for a finals game between Erica and Terry.

Many thanks to David and Jim for setting the lawns the previous night, to everyone who helped get everything running and organized on the day, to Peter for his refereeing and handicapping, and to Doreen who took loads of photos and will be writing the press release.


Block A AC SC GH BM TY SM Wins Pos’n
Geoff Hughes 1.5 0 +11 -14 +11 2 2
Brian McCausland 11 1 -11 -4t =3t 1 3
Terry Young 14 6 +14 +4t -4 2 1
Sandra Morgan 24 10 -11 -3t +4 1 4


Block B AC SC EM LS TH SD Wins Pos’n
Erica Malaiperuman 4.5 3 +4t +4 +4t 3 1
Linda Shaw 11 3 -4t +3t +7 2 2
Tony Hinchliffe 14 4 -4 -3t +4 1 3
Steve Durston 18 7 -4t -7 -4 0 4


Block C AC SC BR JG PD BC Wins Pos’n
Brian Roynon 4.5 3.5 +6t +5 +1t 3 1
Jim Gregory 6 2 -6t +1t -1t 1 3
Peter Dyke 7 1 -5 -1t -13 0 4
Brigit Clayton 14 5 -1t +1t +13 2 2


Block D AC SC DH KW RR DW Wins Pos’n
David Hunt 5 1.5 -6 +2 +9 2 2
Kathy Wallace 6 2 +6 +9 +1t 3 1
Rob Royffe 14 4 -2 -9 +1t 1 3
Doreen Wallace 18 7 -9 -1t -1t 0 4


Semi Finals

Winner of Block A Terry Young v Winner of Block C Brian Roynon
Winner of Block B Erica Malaiperuman v Winner of Block D Kathy Wallace


Player 1 Points Player 2 Points Winner Result
Terry Young 14 Brian Roynon 0 Terry +14
Erica 14 Kathy Wallace 7 Erica +7



Erica Malaiperuman v Terry Young

First 100 club draw of the season

The first draw of the 100 club for this season was done on club opening day, 1st April.  Congratulations to the prize winners, who were –
1st – Lisa Galpin, £35
2nd – Violet Delmas, £25
3rd – Andrew Wimshurst, £15

Christmas Lunch 2016

The Lunch took place at the Masonic Hall in Nailsea and was enjoyed by 52 members and friends. Many thanks to Coral for her organisation, to Brian for the raffle and to Linda for the literary quiz with a croquet theme.

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