1st July 2019 – 100 club draw

The midsummer draw of the 100 club took place at the barbeque on 28th June.  Prizes were awarded as follows:

1st Alison Hall (£40)
2nd Brigit Clayton (£30)
3rd Peter Dyke (£15)

C class AC tournament 8th 9th June 2019

The event was won by Bob Whiffen of Bristol with Kathy Wallace the runner up.

Many thanks to all who helped in the preparation for and the running of the weekend.

A full report can be found under the ‘Competitions’ tab

31st March 2019 – 100 club draw

Many of us gathered at the club yesterday for the start of the season.  A draw of the 100 club was conducted and the prizes were:

1st Tony Griggs, £40

2nd Geoff Hughes, £30

3rd Rob Royffe, £15

The club has had 51 entries and membership is now closed for the year, except for any new members who would like to join in after their beginners lessons.