1 August – Golf Croquet Singles


August came in rather ashamed of its attire – grey and chilly with a spot of rain, but undaunted, the 10 players who signed up for this competition more than made up for it in their sparkling whites and sunny dispositions!GC1_cr

The first round witnessed a series of closely fought games with only one going to time and at the end of round three, margins stayed close with two games going to time.

Time for lunch with mostly everything to play for – a bye for each player making accurate forecasting a nightmare for all but most determined bet-layers.

By the end of the day, some win margins had opened up a little with +4 or +5 results in a few cases.

A little calculating as to who beat whom determined semi-finalists: Polly, Robin, Jim and Peter, who are keenly anticipating semis weekend.

Thanks to everyone who took part – it would be great to have more competitors next year particularly in the light of the excellent Mad Monday experience that is being built up – so do give that some thought – you may even be mentioned in dispatches.


Block A

h/c BM PD BR PR PH Wins Pos’n
Brian McCausland 2 -1t -2t -1t +2t 1 4 Beat PH
Peter Dyke 4 +1t +5 -4 +4 3 2
Brenda Roynon 5 +2t -5 +3 -1 2 3
Polly Reynolds 7 +1t +4 -3 +2 3 1 Beat PD
Pam Hendry 9 -2t -4 +1 -2 1 5


Block B

h/c BR SD RH MB JG Wins Pos’n
Brian Roynon 4 +4 -4 +1 -3t 2 3 Beat MB
Steve Durston 4 -4 -3 -2 -5 0 5
Robin Hendry 7 +4 +3 -2t +4 3 1 Beat JG
Mary Barnes 8 -1 +2 +2t -2t 2 4
Jim Gregory 2 +3t +5 -4 +2t 3 2


Semi Finals


Winner of Block APolly Reynolds v Runner up of Block BJim Gregory
Winner of Block BRobin Hendry v Runner up of Block APeter Dyke