Please note that the Wild Wednesday dates for 2018 will be published once the decision is taken on the start of play this Season.   Planning for the best spread of WW dates can then be done and all will be broadcast by email, on the Club noticeboard and website, by updates and reminders to ensure everyone knows when to turn up. Watch this space …..












Wild Wednesday Results – 30 August 2017


Wild Wednesday Results – 30 August 2017
1 Terry Young 79
2 Brian Roynon 70
3 Tony Hinchliffe 62

Wild Wednesday Results – 2 August 2017

Wild Wednesday Results – 2 August 2017
1 James Galpin 93
2 Erica Malaiperuman 82
3 Rob Royffe 75

Wild Wednesday Results July 2017


1 Tony Hinchliffe 95
2 Jim Gregory 81
3 Libby Howard-Blood 76

Wild Wednesday Results

Wild Wednesday Results – 31 May 2017
1 Terry Young 87
2 Tony Griggs 72
3 Brian McCausland 65
Wild Wednesday Results – 3 May 2017
1 Mark Suter 104
2 Kathy Wallace 79
3 Sandra Morgan 62
Wild Wednesday Results – 5 April 2017
1 Libby Howard-Blood 81
2 Tony Hinchliffe 76
3 Terry Young 75


Wild Wednesday 2017 Dates

Here are the dates for the new season, please note that some dates are not “first Wednesdays”. This is to ensure we get all seven sessions played before Finals weekend.

5   April
3   May
31 May
14 June
5   July
2   August
30 August


Wild Wednesday September 2016

The last Wild Wednesday of the season had a good turnout necessitating some doubles games involving all the contenders for final places.  A rare appearance from Richard Delmas saw him do his usual trick of winning the day easily (88 points) with Brian Roynon (72 points), Geoff Hughes (71 points), Libby Howard-Blood, Terry Young and Jim Gregory (all on 70 points) chasing him.

The final results (best four scores) for 2016 are:  Geoff Hughes  318 points, Libby Howard-Blood 306 points, Kathy Wallace 288 points.

Name Points
Richard Delmas 88
Brian Roynan 72
Geoff Hughes 71

Wild Wednesday August (2) 2016

Youth and the more mature made the most points at this penultimate session. James Galpin playing in his first Wild Wednesday shared the Winner’s place with Geoff Hughes, both on 90 points with David Hunt close behind on 87 points.

Name Points
James galpin 90
Geoff Hughes 90
David Hunt 87

Wild Wednesday August 2016

Three good wins made Kathy Wallace the winner this month with 109 points but not until the last scores were in could this be certain as Alan Longdon’s total of 95 put him into second place. Geoff Hughes and Libby Howard-Blood followed ahead of the other mid-range scores.

Name Points
Kathy Wallace 109
Alan Longdon 95
Geoff Hughes 74
Libby Howard-Blood 70




Wild Wednesday July 2016


A well attended July Wild Wednesday saw Libby Howard-Blood demolish strong opposition to gain first place with 105 points, Brian Roynon take second place with 95 points and Kathy Wallace third with 81 points.

From next month the rankings will start to depend on each player’s four best scores with the top order likely to change as steady players work their way upwards.  So far the overall totals have Brigit Clayton with 242 points, Alison Girdlestone with 220 points and Geoff Hughes with 214 points.   See the Leader Board page for the top ten places each month.


Name Points
Libby Howard Blood 105
Brian Roynon 95
Kathy Wallace 81
Geoff Hughes 76


Wild Wednesday – June 2016

The June Wild Wednesday was played under cloudy skies but with freshly cut lawns thanks to John Wallace’s hard work before the start. Close scores through the day left only three players winning all their games leaving Alison Girdlestone in first place with 95 points, Brigit Clayton in second place with 80 points and Jim Gregory third with 72 points.

Name Points
Alison Girdlestone 95
Brigit Clayton 80
Jim Gregory 72
Rob Royffe 61



Wild Wednesday – May 2016

In warm Spring sunshine  Geoff Hughes, Alison Girdlestone and Tony Hinchliffe began the day well. Tony faded as Mike Tracy playing steadily in all three games came through to finish behind Alison and in front of Geoff. The final scores were Alison 87 points, Mike, 80 points, Geoff 78 points with Violet Delmas in a close fourth place with 76 points.

Name Points
Alison Girdlestone 87
Mike Tracy 80
Geoff Hughes 78
Violet Delmas 76

Wild Wednesday – April 2016

Eighteen players braved hurricane conditions in the first Wild Wednesday of 2016.  Linda started well with maximum points in the first game against Geoff and kept going through two close games to finish in second place with a total of 86 points.  Jim Gregory wasn’t sure whether to play but stayed on to keep the numbers even and was rewarded with first place at 89 points.

Name Points
Jim Gregory 89
Linda Shaw 86
Mike Tracy 74
Brian McCausland 72

2016 Wild Wednesday Dates

Wild Wednesdays in 2016 will be on:

6 April  4 May  1 June  6 July  3 August  31 August  21 September

2 September – Wild Wednesday

Brian McCausland won the last Wild Wednesday of 2015 with the high score of 114 points.

Name Points
Brian McCausland 114
Geoff Hughes 101
David Hunt 85
Linda Shaw 74


Alison Girdlestone held on to her place as the overall winner with an individual best four scores total of 336 points. Brian McCausland’s final flourish took him to second place with 327 points, closely followed by Linda Shaw with 321 points. Terry Young who played so well all season finished with 309 points.


Name Points
Alison Girdlestone 336
Brian McCausland 327
Linda Shaw 321
Terry Young 309