Intermediate League North

18th May 2019

On Saturday 18th May Nailsea Intermediate Team (North) travelled to Kington Langley in antisipation of seeing and playing on their new lawns. These proved to be a big improvement on the previous ones. In the morning Jon Knowler and Karen Cromey played the singles games with Karen winning convincingly 26-7 and Jon loosing 15-26 to a worthy opponent. In the doubles Brian Roynon and Mike Tracy won 25-18 with Brian managing an 11 hoop break. After lunch Karen won 26-6, Jon won 23-18, Mike fought valiant but lost to his on form opponent 8-26
and Brian won 20-19 taking a winning hoop in his last turn on the lawn.

This gave the Nailsea team a 5-2 win over the day.