OBE Trophy

OBE COMPETITION – 17th May 2016

A happy day yet tinged with sadness as the game played for this event “The 10 Shot Game” was introduced to Nailsea Club by our member Ian Telfer and has been adopted as the format for the OBE Trophy.  Ian, who sadly passed away earlier this month, had been a competitor for the last two years, having won the trophy on both occasions.

OBEThis year we saw two new faces joining us (both youthful OBE’s) Susan and David Pinney from  Bristol Croquet Club and along with our own Mary Barnes, Jim Gregory and Terry Young,  play started at a very civilised time of 10.30.

Two 50 min. games were played before lunch, the newcomers getting to grips with the two laws incorporated into Association Croquet rules.

After warming bowls of soup and hot rolls another two games were played – Susan and David now understanding the game even better and after a well earned cup of tea and cake the final game took place.

The Nailsea players took the top 3 positions and David was a very close fourth, but Jim was this year’s convincing winner having won all of his 4 games.